osCommerce Template Integration

Most template sites just offer you files to download and leave you with all the hard work of integrating the design in your osCommerce e-commerce shop.

This is why we, at Elluscient Technology Solutions, LLC, do all of the template integration and development work for you. The process is very simple and explained below:

With our team of professional web designers and software developers we can provide a slick look and additional functionalities to your osCommerce e-commerce web site.

Most site owners find their e-commerce site lacks that edge that would differentiate them from their competitors.

We provide that additional professional touch through the following services:

  osCommerce technical support.
Contribution development and customization.
Contribution installation on new or existing osCommerce systems.
Complete shop installation.
And of course osCommerce hosting!
We can of course apply those skills to the various osCommerce spin-offs like ZenCart (www.zencart.com) and creLoaded (www.creloaded.com). The choice is entirely yours!

Elluscient Technology Solutions, LLC focuses on the design aspect of your (future) e-commerce site. With our many years of experience in programming, design and databases we are ready to help your site reach new sale levels!

You choose...

Pick the template of your choice from the thousands available. Remember, we will integrate your logo, and update the illustrative pictures to reflect your business. So you can be sure your site will send the appropriate message to your potential customers, in keeping with your company branding.

Choose from over
professional templates

We integrate...

Once you have placed your order, we are in constant contact with you until the end of the project. We will integrate the template, with your logo and your pictures into the latest osCommerce shop available. The project usually takes 10 working days and you will be able to monitor the progress of your site at any time!

Start selling!

After the integration process is completed, we either install the shop for you or send you all the files required, depending on which options you chose. Installation is free if you are hosting your site with us, and carries a small charge if you want us to install it for you.

Our client wanted a slick, professional look for their online presence. They chose a stylish template from our extensive range. Our templates cover a wide range of products, so customers have a choice of suitable templates.

We recommended CRELoaded for use with this project. CRELoaded is a spin-off of osCommerce, but has the benefit of additional features developed by the community and the CRELoaded team. This gives the shop owner many more options without the need to install contributions.

This template also included a header created in Flash to finish off the look.

This client has recently returned to us to apply a new design to another site.

Frequent Asked Questions
Which files do you supply once the project is completed? Back to top

You will receive a full working shop, not just graphics files. The installation process is then as it is for a standard osCommerce package.

What method of payment can I use? Back to top

You can pay using your credit/debit card through our secured payment system, or PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

When and how is my store going to be delivered? Back to top

Once payment has been cleared, we would start the integration work. This phase typically takes 10 working days, depending on the complexity of the template you have chosen.

We would carry our integration work on one of our demo servers, where you will be able to see the progress.

When you are happy with our integration work, we will send you an email with a link to your template, which you will just have to click to download.

If you have chosen to use our hosting services, we will install and configure your osCommerce for you free of charge!

Can I cancel my order? Can I get a refund? Back to top

Since we offer non-tangible goods, no refund will be issued once the template has been delivered.

How do I install your osCommerce template? Back to top

If you are not currently operating a shop, the installation process is exactly the same as it would be for a standard osCommerce package. You need to upload all the files to your server, and follow the installation process. You can of course choose the easier option of hosting your shop with us, in which case we would install it all for you!

If you are currently running a shop, you will have to be more careful. If you sent us all your files before we start the project, you will just have to overwrite your existing files once we have finished our work (Don't forget to always make a backup first!). If you haven't sent us the files, you will have to check some files manually (if you have installed contributions for example).

If you already have a shop, the best way is to contact us before the project starts, so we can evaluate which is the best way to approach the osCommerce template integration.

Can I modify the graphics/design of the site you provide? Back to top

Once you have received the template from ourselves, you are free to apply any modification to the design you wish for. You will obviously need to have some knowledge of a graphic package to make the changes. We would recommend keeping whichever images you change to the same size as the original if you want to avoid having to change the code as well.

Can I supply you with a template I want integrated? Back to top

A lot of companies now already have a website, and want to take an extra step by starting online commerce. Their osCommerce site needs of course to be in keeping with their existing site, in which case we are more than happy to use your existing site as the template!

Other companies already have a design in mind, and we can start from this as well.

Do I need an SSL certificate? Back to top

It depends on the payment gateway you are planning on using with your shop. If you are going to collect credit card numbers on your site, you should most definitely have an SSL certificate, or customers will just not use your site.

Even if you are not collecting credit card details on your site (if you use PAYPAL for example, or 2CHECKOUT), you will find most customers will be reluctant to create an account on your osCommerce site.

Do I need a shared or a dedicated SSL certificate? Back to top

This is entirely your choice, and depends on your needs and budget.

A shared SSL means that customers will access the secured parts of your site through a shared secured domain (like https://www.elluscientwebhosting.com/~yourshop), which is as secured, but maybe not as professional looking as a dedicated SSL which would show the secured parts of your site as https://www.yourshop.com.

Please note that a dedicated SSL certificate requires the purchase of a unique IP.

Which version of osCommerce do you use? Back to top

We use the latest version available from the official osCommerce site (www.oscommerce.com) at the time of your purchase. We can of course use a different version if you wish to (if for example you already have a shop using a previous version of osCommerce).

If you want us to use a different shopping cart, we will use the latest official version available (unless asked otherwise by yourself).

Can I have my template integrated in ZenCart / creLoaded / oscMAX / theStoreZone rather than osCommerce? Back to top

Of course! We have integrated our templates with different platforms, be it ZenCart, creLoaded or oscMAX. It is really down to your preferences: Some people prefer osCommerce, and then install the contributions they need and nothing more, and some people prefer ZenCart or creLoaded because it ships with dozen of contributions already built in.

We can give you impartial advice on the matter, and help you decide which is best for you, since the template integration price is exactly the same, regardless of your final choice.

What is the relationship between osCommerce and Elluscient Technology Solutions, LLC? Back to top

Elluscient Technology Solutions, LLC is a US-based software development and consulting company. We are not affiliated with the official osCommerce team (www.oscommerce.com).

This means we are completely independent and therefore can give you impartial advice as to which solution would best suit your particular project.

Over the years we have been involved in many osCommerce projects with our clients, from template integration to custom contribution development and hosting.

We now offer this knowledge and experience through www.elluscient.com. For the official osCommerce site, don't forget to visit www.oscommerce.com.

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